Full Body, Hyperstrike Exercise Videos, Shoulders

Baseball Throw with TQB Baseball Attachment

Muscle Groups
  • Full Body
  • Shoulders
  • Full body strength.
  • Shoulder strength.
  • Shoulder stability.


The Baseball Throw with TQB Baseball Attachment is a full body exercise. The baseball throw is an ideal exercise for shoulder strength and stability.


  • Adjust swivel pulley to highest position, attach TQB Baseball Attachment and set resistance.
  • Stand facing away from machine. Grasp baseball and mimic the throwing motion, including the follow-through. Slowly return to start position and repeat.
  • After completing set, switch sides and repeat on other side, although this may feel unnatural.
  • * TQB baseball attachment sold separately


  • Leaning too far forward as you follow through.
  • Rounding the back.