Registration is binding. The conditions below apply from the date of the confirmation letter received after registration, the training can be canceled as follows:

Time Charge


more than 30 days before the start of the course: free of charge, except for the invoiced booking fee.

14-30 days before the start of the course: 25% of the price of the training in question, but at least 250 € if the cancellation is made without a medical certificate


1-13 days before the start of the course: 50% of the price of the training, but at least 250 € if the cancellation is made without a medical certificate


If a student fails to attend the training without notice, we will charge the full price of that training. Training can only be interrupted free of charge with a medical certificate.


ATTENTION Failure to pay the booking invoice will not automatically remove the registration from our register, but cancellation must always be made in writing. If the training is canceled or suspended, the booking fee paid or the training fees paid will not be refunded.


Written cancellations will be sent to:




FAE reserves the right to cancel (any) training 7 days before the start of the training due to too few participants. In the event of a sudden illness of the trainer or in other similar cases, the training time may have to be postponed if the no substitute can be found for the trainer. In such cases, the FAE will not reimburse any travel and / or accommodation costs incurred by the student.


If FAE has to cancel or suspend the education, the student can continue the education in the next suitable education. If similar training is not provided in the same place of education or it is not possible for the student to transfer to education in another place, we will invoice the amount corresponding to the already organized training days. The training body is not obliged to organize new training.

Course Completion Policy

* Enrollment Period: Learners will have a period of one calendar year (365 days) to complete their enrolled courses.
* Retake Policy: Learners who are absent without formal notification or fail to complete assignments within the designated timeframe will be required to retake the course from the beginning. The fees paid for the initial enrollment are non-refundable and will be applied towards the cost of the retake as a form of tutorial fees.